If this blog doesn’t mention it anywhere, my name is Kapileshwar Singh fondly called KP. I work for an Investment bank as an analyst. My areas of expertise are Operating Systems/Platform engineering, Kernel profiling, parallelizing mathematical/financial algorithms and performance optimizations. Did I mention I am an Electronics Graduate from PEC University of Technology Chandigarh? I don’t like praising my self (doesn’t look like that though), but I was awarded the Branch’s Gold and Silver medal for best academic performance and best final project respectively.

Apart from these professional interests I am an automobile lover and have a keen interest in car engines. This interest lead me to be a part of the FSAE team, as a part of which we made a F1 racing car and raced it at Melbourne. I handled the Electronics/Electrical systems and costing and budgeting of the car.

Will update this section more …

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